Wack'n Smack my Happy Hack

I am sitting at work yet again. Oh well atleast I spend alot of time on the internet. I wanted to start a Dream journal but I can never remeber my dreams since I always tend to wake us early morning, being forced out the work to work.
-Oh well.....
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-negative 2000 plus+ AA.

So blazing through the Red sands of the "L" desert corridor I continued towards the foot of the mountains. The land was litered with the wasting left-overs of our now gone civilization, and infested with dreg scraggles fighting over scrapes. Good thing I had the Motorbike I stole from the Old twisted Blackman, because all the beggars could do was chase me in frustration. In the distance I could hear a strong voice, that was even more over powering than the howling hot winds that blew the stinging rust grains that engulf this land. To spare anymore details of the travel, I am now at the Foot of the mountian where a huge throng has gathered around this old dirty man with Googly eyes and a scraggly beard. He looked more like Rasputin than Jesus, but he oviously has set himself up as the Neo-Russian orthodox post Apocalypse messiah. His words seemed more broadcasted than spoken as his advertised his offerings for a new order in this hell plauged chaos-land we found ourselves in. Well I didn't stay long because I hate commercials and I wasn't keen on his message. I rode back to Ruined Florence where I did battle with Atomic Zombies, like some post modern knight on a Blitz-bike. I guess I figured I could take over the city, but I woke up and had to go to work..
Cool dream though
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apocalypse riding, man where are my shades?

Ok; so I was in Florence Italy on vacation, you know cobble stone streets lots of gaudy eye popping marble fountains. Right, the sun was beating and it was really humid like it would be in late summer. So I knew I needed to get a pair of sunglasses for one of the cheap venders. I went inside this crowded small tourist trap, that reeked of melted chocolates, and shinny new postcards. I couldn't think over the huge gaggle, all worked up about the comming apocalypse. Just then I was blinded by a bright haze and the town was in ruin. I wound up wandering the deserted streets of the scorched oven known as Florence. The sky was red and choked with a rusty dust. I could hear people screaming, and crying as they struggled to survive. At the edge of town at the mouth of a "L" shaped desert of red sand was and old negro man who kept going on about meeting Jesus and the end of the desert at the foot of the mountains. The odd thing about the desert was that it was a long corridor about 100 ft wide with a wall of impassable mountains on one side and a cliff on the other the drops off into some infinite void. So I knew what was in ZOmbie town so I punched the Old Negro and took his motorcycle and rode off down the path towards the second coming of Christ.
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Jesus Is Coming!!!!!!

Well Jesus just called me on the telephone and told he's coming to town. And that we should party tonight don't know where yet but tonight seems to be a night for shanagans !
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Cotton Mouth

So last night I had this awful dream about going to McDonalds and ordering a Big Mac, but they gave me two for one and they came in the old school styrofoam containers. I can still remember the putrid aroma and the who time I was eating them I was trying not to puke. Then my alarm went off and I woke up dry heaving sick to my stomach since I was still dehydrated for a night of drinking too much gin,,,,,
Yuck! I wish I would gone to Jack in the box instead!!!!
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Thinking of you my sweet Ammonites!

Well I am stuck at the Happy Mac for the next five hours!
I had this really odd dream.. ....
my head was rushing at what seemed to be 55mph, and just as I was looking up to see in what direction this road was going I found myself sitting in a molded plastic diner eating fried bits of meat off a plate made from a rusty hub-cap. The Restrurant was crowded with people. Some Were people I knew from the past. My HeAd WaS rUshIng at what seeeemed to be 55 miles per hour, and just as I was looking up to see in what direction this road was going I found myself sitting in a rusted chrome diner eating fried bits of plastic off a molded meat plate. The Restrurant was CROWDED WITH PEOPLE. They were ALL PEOPLE I know like; Larry, Kamio, Dj Digit, Carla, Arian...anyway People I konw like my boss, or jackasses I've seen at school. My HEAD WAS RUSHING at what seemed to be Fifty FIVE MILES PER H!!!, and just as I was looking up to see in what direction this road was going I found myself sitting in a Molded Meat Diner eating fried bits of Rusted chrome off Plastic a plate. The restrurant was crowd with people. SOme of them I knew, others I guess I will know from my future..
then the dream it ended because my alarm went off and I had to go and Work...
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